Dissolving Toxic Mindsets

5 Lies Abusers Tell and the Healing Truth That Can Set You Free

Finally, release the 5 Most Crippling Lies abusers tell and Discover the Healing Truth that can Set You Free!

More abuse victims and survivors are coming forward today than ever before in history.

Survivors have never before had the opportunity to unite together in this way.

We are making a powerful impact and reshaping the world.

Yet... many are still feeling the effects of the lies abusers have told them.

We've been conditioned to think the way abusers have taught us to. We've been taught to question our worthiness, to believe we are alone, and that our story is just not that important. We're led to believe that healing is available for a limited few and we're just not that lucky.

All of this conditioning has become the new norm. Many of us are just surviving... but not thriving.

You find yourself discouraged, constantly hit by triggers from past trauma, and just trying to keep on going.

Anytime the word 'abuse' comes up, you start feeling anxious. You feel as if there is a heavy weight on your chest and your heart races.

But, is this really how it's supposed to be? Does this have to be the norm?

Are we supposed to feel this shame?

Why DO we even feel this way in the first place?

Is this as good as it gets?

Just surviving? Feeling alone? Wrestling with shame? Wondering if anyone else gets it? Questioning whether the abuse was your fault?

Our beliefs around our trauma and abuse are often completely out of balance. But, it's not your fault. And, it's time to do something about it.

Survivors who thrive after abuse aren't doing so because they are 'stronger' than you.

They thrive because they've realized abusers lie... and, they replace those lies with healing truths.

Abuser say: "you're not worthy", "the abuse was your fault", "you're all alone", "no one will understand", "trying to heal is pointless", and "you're broken".

Abusers lie to us and about us. They try to hijack your mind... even long after the abuse is over... with lies about you and your worthiness.

These Toxic Mindsets end NOW!

It's time for you to release all of the lies you've been told about yourself and your healing. It's time to learn the truth and dissolve those limiting beliefs.

As someone who, just a few years ago, found herself in the aftermath of abuse, having regular panic attacks and feeling a deep sense of shame about the abuse I had experienced, I totally know what it's like to believe the lies abusers tell us.

There's nothing more painful than knowing you were born for more but feeling so overwhelmed by the impact of abuse that you aren't sure if you can even get out of bed.

I have tried therapy, life-coaching, medications, and more.

All of these tools are valuable and I learned a lot (and, I recommend them!) but all of them pointed me to this one thing:

When we identify and dissolve the lies abusers tell us, they start to lose their control over us. Replacing the lies with truth opens the door for healing!


This knowledge has changed my life in more ways than I can count. It goes beyond healing your self-esteem... it radically impacts your openness to healing, your relationships, the work you do, the way you show up in the world... EVERYTHING!

Now, I'm a writer, speaker, television producer, news pundit, ordained reverend, and abuse-victim advocate who educates churches and secular communities on abuse.

I’m the founder of The Courage Conference, for survivors of abuse - and those who love them - which has drawn people from around the world.

I'm in an EXTRAORDINARY marriage relationship with a man who who adores me and whom I adore. I'm finding new levels of healing from my past trauma on the regular.

Now... it's my mission to help YOU take a step forward into your healing... to give YOU the tools I used to dissolve the toxic mindsets planted by the abusers of the past.

I could have never stepped into my calling if I had not dissolved the toxic mindsets taught to me by abusers.

This program is the first of many more to come. I know how powerful Dissolving Toxic Mindsets can be for survivors, so I designed this mini course first to help you do just that. I dissect and dissolve the top 5 lies abusers tell and replace with the healing truths.

If you're ready to Dissolve the Toxic Mindsets in your life, then this mini-course was made for you!

Here is what the course includes:

If I offered this training to a group (in person) the value would be $499 or more!

BUT-- because I’m so passionate about helping other survivors level up their healing, I am offering this mini-course COMPLETELY FREE!

You get ALL of the features, videos, and tools above PLUS the BONUS of being added to the Ashley Easter Academy Facebook Group where I’ll be adding healing wisdom on a regular basis!

No strings attached. This mini-course is yours, FREE.

If you’re ready to Dissolve YOUR Toxic Mindsets and take another step forward in your healing, click the button below to enroll for INSTANT ACCESS!


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Ashley Easter
Ashley Easter

Ashley Easter is an author, speaker, television producer, news pundit, ordained reverend, mindset coach, survivor and abuse-victim advocate. She is also the founder of The Courage Conference.

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